Monday, 24 January 2011

Mina Evans - Jewels and Tulle

Christmas in Ghana is always an exciting affair but even more so when it involves the launch of a new fashion line. Ghanaian designers are on the up and coming and I believe in the endeavours of any upcoming designer in this day and age.

On 29/12/10 Mina Evan's first collection was shown to the public and the admiration of the line was high. A tasteful event alongside an impressive catwalk show gave Ghana and the world the first images of this luxury line.

A statement from the designer herself describes the collection "The collection is called jewels and tulle and it is mostly about what I think all women want which is a good melange of sparkle, spice, sensuality the need to feel like a lady from time to time."

In her first collection the womens' wear combines the use of Eurocentric designs along with African print to clothe todays modern African woman. The combination of colour and texture is what truly makes this line outstanding and separates it from the others, and of course the intricate jewels added to fit each individual models personality.

As the womens' line was revealed so was Mina Evan's mens' shirt collection. The designer describes this addition to the franchise as "its just how i think men should dress really... they are shirts I would love to see a man in." Its trendy and sophisticated and a man of today wouldnt be scared to wear it out for a casual or dressed up event.

To view more of this collection sign up on facebook to join Mina Evan's facebook group for more information about this collection.
Well done for this outstanding collection.

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