Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Lipstick is popping

I was never a big lipstick fan until I hit 17, before that lipgloss ONLY ......... Memories of lipstick before that involve my mother wearing Chanel or MAC red lipstick (hydrabase of course for smoothness and no cracking) so it seemed very grown up and for working divas.

Then I met and fell in love with my first ever lipstick I purchased whilst in duty free at Gatwick airport on my way to Ghana on a 24 hour delayed flight, as you can imagine I had lots of time to test the lipsticks. I think it was called Girl about town I will double check and edit if not but it was a candy floss colour pink that I adored and my mother hated.

Now I'm an avid used of MAC and Rimmel lipstick along with Elizabeth Arden (I love their range of reds) I find that Rimmel lipsticks are very pigmented and if I want a more casual look I have to take a bit off after just a couple slicks.

Above Rimmels 340 Lily Extase- bright blue based fuchsia pink from the Moisture New collection said to contain vitamins A, C, and E for hydration and protection..... and SPF 20 - impressive

Elizabeth Ardens Lipstick in Red Door Red its part of their anniversary lipsticks and its a classic colour I picked to suit my skintone.

My lipstick goal in 2011 is to buy a lilac colour and an orange colour. I like bright lips

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  1. Defo loving the Lippy Post...
    Both colours suit you..
    Popping colours are defo the way to go.. Orange wud so suit your skin complexion!! Good luck on you finding it!! Along with Lilac..