Friday, 21 January 2011

To Brazilian, Remy Indian or Malaysian or not...... that is the question.....

Okay I wear tracks in my hair on a very regular basis I just cant stick to short hair at all I think it makes my face look about ten billion times larger than it normally does. Buying hair, relaxing my hair, treatments and sowing it all in costs a LOT each time its done and to be honest I think its a waste to spend that much on hair each time plus it can take the whole day just to get my hair done  o_0  not impressed.

Well a lot of my friends were raving and ranting about lacefronts etc etc and Brazilian this Remy that and how it can last years, so I decided to investigate and found a good link to view and purchase some. This was around 2008 or so, I quickly changed my mind about any form of lacefrontal when I saw these pictures of Naomi Campbell

Her constant wearing of weaves and lace fronts which puts a lot of pressure on her hair seems to have destroyed her hair roots causing her to get bald patches. I did NOT want that to be me too

Fast froward 3 years and Im being tempted again after finding a brand called "Good Hair" on facebook

Take a look at some of their work

You can apparently achieve these looks by using 4 - 5 packs of hair at a total cost of around £500
Call me cheap but I cant bear the thought of spending 500 pounds on hair..... HAIR for 500 pounds! That's half of my dream Louis Vuitton Artsy GM handbag.

However this hair can last up to years if taken care of correctly and your hair is protected underneath by a cap (your real hair is braided.)

It will take some serious persuading and maybe even some years for me to consider even spending that
amount on hair but watch this space...... maybe a bag of money will fall in front of my face *coughcough*

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