Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cut-out Dresses

Hey all

There's been some controversy about Ciara's and Natalie Nunn's cutout dresses that have already started a fad amongst the younger Westernised generation.

I personally like the dress on Ciara from the Faster collection by Mark Fast to Jay-Z and Lebron James' “Two Kings” dinner. Her athletic build suits the style and shows the right amount of skin that the dress has intended to without looking too trashy. On a curvier woman however......... I'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

"London base designer Mark Fast Faster 14 dress features cut away details on the arms and legs and is made of 80% Nylon." - quote from Necole Bitchie

It retails at $387 at Farfetch

Natalie Nunn wore a similar dress however as she is curvier than Miss Ciara it gave off a....... ummmm..... different kind of vibe. I do love Natalie on the Bad Girls Club though #teamNatalie

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