Wednesday, 9 February 2011


So because I have had a hectic couple of weeks I haven't been able to update as much as I want but trust me I have a lot in store. I'm going to start hair videos soon and this is just a little video to show you guys my new hair lol enjoy!


The video was more for you guys to see how it looks on me because picture angles can sometimes get the better of hairstyles. The hair is colour 1B for those of you who don't know its a very very very dark brown colour, if your hair is relaxed than you find that this will suit your hair colour better.  Its 16 and 18 inches one pack each and its been trimmed slightly. 

Just to clear up some misconceptions colour 1 is jet black and is the darkest colour you will find, 1B is the shade before that so the darkest colour always starts as the single number and its slightly lighter version will have a letter after it

This hair is premium too its human hair and its inexpensive, this will last me about 6 weeks than a retouch, break then whatever style Im going to do next will follow :)

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