Monday, 21 March 2011

Blackberry Babes - BBB Nigerian movie

I must admit I'm not a big fanatic of Nigerian movies however I recently watched the movie Blackberry Babes and actually to my surprise I found myself laughing quite a lot. It follows the lives of a group of Nigerian female students who desperately follow to keep up with high-flying jet setting lifestyle by owning Blackberry Phones. The lengths to which these young ladies went to get these phones range from theft, bribery and extortion, although meant to be a comedy it also highlights the sometimes vapid and shallow lives of our current generation who see having material wealth as the be all and end all. "Friendships" die as soon as you get left behind in the latest trends and competition never ends.


 *From the following page where I found the link ( it is stated that - BN has received confirmation that NollywoodLove is the legitimate online distributor for the movie, therefore, here is the full-length movie link.

The following scenes from the movie made me laugh the most however it is advised that you watch the full movie to understand. 

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