Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hummingbird bakery

Hummingbird bakery is an American bake shop which has gained a large number of followers due to its' innovative designed shops and delicious funky cupcakes. It first opened in  London's' Portabello Road in 2004 and since its opening it has opened many more shops in various locations. I personally think what makes Hummingbird different from all the other bakeries is the fact that we Londoners are used to French patisseries and supermarkets.

Lovely cupcake selection bought for me on valentines day by my boyfriend

A cute limited edition customised bumblebee vanilla cupcake

I was introduced to these cup cakes by my friend Annette over at Hot Happenings and I haven't looked back. The all time favourite cupcake of ours has to be....... the red velvet cupcake, on Hummingbirds offical website it describes he red velvet cupcake to be a "Deep red vanilla cake with a light taste of chocolate, topped with cream cheese frosting" and it fits the description to a T.

If you happen to visit London then I advise you to take a trip down to HummingBird Bakery

Here are some pictures taken from their website

Cupcake cake

Cake done by consultation

Cake and cupcakes done by consultation

Slice of Vanilla cake

Red velvet cupcake cake

Red velvet cake

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