Monday, 28 March 2011

My 20th Birthday Madame Tussauds style

Sunday March 27th I turned 20 (OMG!!!) and to mark the end of my teens I decided to keep it casual and chic and let my boyfriend do all the work.

First up it was Dim Sum the Royal China Branch just off of Baker Street, had to wait awhile for seating but it was well worth the wait. The place is often very busy with queues sometimes out of the door so making a reservation beforehand is recommended. The food arrived quickly and was of a good standard.

My outfit for the day

Now Ive lived in London for over 14 years and I have never been to Madame Tussauds. Shameful really but the queue always looks so long.
I regret not going earlier, it was so much fun. Now for those who don't know Madame Tussauds is, its a wax museum which has various other branches in many other cities. From royalty to celebrities and sports players to dictators Madame Tussauds has so much to see.
It was founded by Marie Tussaud in 1835.

I'd definitely recommend going here it was great fun. I go souvenirs which I'll post up pictures of after which include and Andy Warhol style photo shoot and a 3D cube picture

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