Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoeees

So its winter over here in the UK and any female Londoner without a super-powered immunity to the cold knows that UGGS are the answer, they are actually one of the warmest things you can wear whether at home or on the way to lectures. My other pairs were starting to look a bit worn down so I went to Fenwicks and spotted these black sequined pair. Okay so they don't look very practical but they do the job, have a look.

They are ultra comfortable and the sequins really jazz up any casual outfit.

Carvela have amazing shoes and the best way to get a hold of them in the UK is through the store Kurt Geiger (their own KG shoes are amazing too btw) So here's a look at the two pairs I bought not too long ago.

Mine in a size 4

Mine in a size 4

I've always loved the Melissa collection shoes by Vivienne Westwood and although not very winter friendly shoes they do look casual and chic.

So I'm going to improve the pictures that appear on the blog and I'm excited to get a professional camera for christmas. So expect picture overload after christmas.

What do you think about the shoes? Or suggest other great winter shoes or brands you think are worthwhile.

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