Tuesday, 13 March 2012

MUA - from superdrug stores

I personally believe you should only invest in good quality makeup, the price doesn't necessarily reflect quality to me however you do find that more upmarket brands tend to have a higher price range. I used to believe that the more expensive the makeup the better but recently I've found myself watching youtube a lot and seeing almost exact replicas of other higher costing brands at a cheaper price so OBVIOUSLY I had to go and try out for myself.

MUA stands for makeup academy and it has "A range of over 100 lipsticks, eye colours, blushers, mascara and nail polishes, all costing £1 each and exclusive to Superdrug." according to their website. The superdrug nearest me isn't so big so the full range isn't there but I will when I go back to London visit a larger superdrug and try out more. 

I loved almost everything I bought from there and Im going to show mainly swatches of the things I bought as I haven't taken pictures of me wearing anything recently. 

The first products I'm going to show you are the 3 lipsticks I got from there, the lipsticks aren't identifiable by name only by shade number, so I got shades 2, 10 and 11. 

The first shade is shade 10, its a red glitter colour (not too glittery) and like all the other lipsticks its very moisturising and quite casual, its not as bright as in the picture but it shows up very well.
The second shade is shade 2, this is a raspberry pink, its a very lovely colour and shows up well.
The third shade is shade 11 and this is a nude pink colour which I find to be good for darker complexions like myself. 
All of the lipsticks smell nice which is another added bonus and stay on throughout the day and are moisturising so no dryness occurs which can be a problem with other brands. 

The lipgloss is the shade to the far left and to be honest this was the product I was disappointed with, its far too glittery and doesn't stay on well, its not scented like the lipsticks and could do with being a bit more moisturising. 

I love their eyeshadows, my favourite from these was definitely the dark brown, its a very good crease colour. 

Shade 31 - Pearl

Shade 12 - Pearl

Shade 19 Matt

I love this eyeliner, its called royal blue and its very pigmented, I love the fact that it has a pencil sharpener at the end I'm always losing mine.

This clear mascara is good but I only use it for my eyebrows when I'm done filling them in, it helps to keep them in place and unfortunately I don't see it staying clear for long with the way I'm using it. 

The eyeliner is also very good, for those who like thin brushes this is the choice for you, the brush is very easy to handle and is good for first time users. 

Before buying I checked if the products were animal tested because I thought surely being so cheap they would be but NO they're not which makes me extremely pleased, I'll definitely be buying again. 

Pictures were taken and edited on the iPhone 4s

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