Monday, 2 April 2012

21 outfit: Mulberry bag, Jaeger top, baby phat shoes and disco pants

So my birthday was on March 27th and I turned 21, I didn't do anything special on the day because I'm having a dinner on the 7th when all my friends are off university and I would be finished with coursework so here's a quick run down on  my day. Separate posts will be made about individual items I got as they are not all under one category so this post is about my day and the Mulberry bag, Jaeger top, disco pants and baby phat shoes.

Here's what I wore on the day and it shows 2 of my birthday presents, the blue top is from Jaeger its cotton and silk mix and really light, I love the colour and the fit, the sleeves are 3/4 length which is perfect for warmer weather, the bag is from Mulberry and its called the "Cookie Bayswater" basically its a revamped version of the Bayswater which is actually my favourite style of Mulberry bag. I got it in the colour "Oak Soft Matte"

I love the cookie cut detail it was definitely a good bag for them to bring out for Spring/Summer 2012.

I got the shoes in Atlanta in a shoe outlet store where they sold a variety of shoes from different designers.

And as you know the bottoms are the American Apparel Disco Pants

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