Friday, 27 April 2012

Maroush 1: 21st Birthday Dinner

So for my birthday dinner I had booked this fabulous restaurant called Maroush 1 which is located in Edgware Road West London.Its a Lebanese restaurant and is affiliated with all of the other Maroush restaurants in that area.

There is live entertainment throughout the night with a live singer and belly dancers.

The food was wonderful it felt like as soon as you finished one dish they immediately replaced it with another one.

My mother and I

My dress for the night, designed by the same designer who creates for Gossip Girl

Getting up to dance with the belly dancer

I was amazed at how relaxed the people were, the restaurant stays open until about 4 in the morning, there is no pressure to stay in your seats or keep quiet, definitely a fun atmosphere. Everyone got up to dance at some point. The music was very Lebanese but the singer sang some modern songs with a touch of Arabic influence not to mention they sung me Happy Birthday quite a few times.