Saturday, 28 April 2012

The problem of marketing and obtainability in the African fashion market

There are countless images of beautiful clothes made by many talented and innovative designers across the African continent but one hurdle that seems to still be an issue is the marketing and obtainability of these clothes. How do you get these pieces? How long do I have to wait before my order comes through? Will my order even come through? These are a lot of the questions being asked.
Designers and websites need trust from their customers. Built up Western based designers seem not to have this issue with their customer base. African designers also face the issue of producing large quantities. With technology not being as advanced in the fashion industry back home and the nature of the materials used its hard to retain quality and produce vast numbers of items.
Sites like my asho, which is based in the UK, are attempting to overcome this issue. Their online store features designs from over 24 designers and they seem to be credible.

There still needs to more of an upward movement when it comes to marketing and obtainability. It would be nice if sites like this can one day become as well known as other fashion sites. I believe the industry will only move forward through more of an online and credible presence.

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