Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hévíz Spa and Thermal Lake

I'm on a short trip to Hungary flying from Heathrow to Vienna and then from Vienna driving though the Austrian border into Hungary to the town of Hévíz. Hévíz is extremely popular with older Germans who come here for the thermal treatments and various sightseeing activities. Although the local language is spoken a lot of store owners and people who work in the town have learnt to speak German due to the vast number of German tourists. The thermal lake is said to have curative effects and is self replenishing. It stays about 30°C throughout the year so seeing people swimming in the lake when its snowing isn't an oddity. 

At this lake there is also a wellness centre which offers spa treatments. Prices are very good and definitely value for money. Food is also cheap in nearby restaurants. 

I have to try Virgin Colada everywhere I go

You definitely have to book in advance if you want a treatment in the Wellness centre. I really wanted a chocolate massage but had to have the regenerative refreshing massage instead as the chocolate one was booked out. The lady was very skilled and knew exactly where I had tension in my neck and back. She told me it was definitely from using my computer too much.

After swimming the sun had definitely burnt my back. 30 degrees outside and 32 degrees inside the lake. 
Walking through the gardens near the spa is very relaxing and the trees and plants are just so colourful and beautiful. 

My mum walking to the entrance of the gardens

In the evening its significantly cooler but you can still go to dinner with something sleeveless on.

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