Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Makeup: La Femme Blush and Ben Nye Face Powder

I recently ordered blushes and a face powder from Camera Ready Cosmetics around the 16th of September and they arrived on the 27th of September all the way from the States to London. I ordered 10 blushes and 1 bottle of the Ben Nye translucent powder. The price was such that I didn't have to pay duty on what I bought. Other countries however do have different regulations so its always best to check these first. I am very pleased with the time it took to deliver the goods and the condition I received the products in. The products were well protected and in optimum condition.

My instagram picture of my products

So I'm going to now show you guys the swatches on my skin and name the colour of the blush

From left to right: Terracotta, Orange, Sienna, Mulberry, Russet, Bordeaux, Peach, Grape, Magenta and Golden Sunset.
The blushes are very pigmented and I love all of them. They are matte with a bit of a glow, none of them are sparkly despite the picture with flash showing some sparkles, I think its the way it photographs but looking in reality there are no sparkles in the blush. I found the Orange to be a bit chalky but a spray of Macfix+ fixed that. The blushes are priced at around $2.87 which is a great price and there are so many to pick from.

Magenta and Golden Sunset

This is how the blushes came packaged. You have to buy a palette from ebay which supports the holding of these blushes otherwise this is how you will have to use them.

Just some extra info on the blushes and what some of them are similar to. Golden Sunset which is my fave is similar to Taj Mahal by Nars, Peach is similar to Gina by Nars and some people say that Russet is similar to Raizin by Mac, I'm not 100% certain about the claim about Raizin but there are similarities between the two.

There has been a craze over the banana powder by Ben Nye but having had the chance to see a friend use it and try it out myself I wasn't too convinced, its great if you want to do the bright eyed look that Kim Kardashian is known for having but I wanted something with more golden undertones. I ordered the Topaz on a whim never having seen it before but it is perfect for my complexion. It has fiery golden undertones and works well setting my concealer. It compliments my skin tone because I have yellow and golden undertones with a bit of red in my forehead area.
I'll do a post on a makeup haul soon and I'll include a picture of myself having used the Ben Nye Powder and one of the La Femme blushes (most probably Golden Sunset.)

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