Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My skin care products

Without makeup (eyebrows semi-permanenty filled in) when I follow my skin regime to a T, as you can see my nose is a bit shiny
A good skin care regime is essential if you want clear unblemished skin and knowing whats right for your face as well is also an essential. Instead of buying the latest fad product you need to find out what works for your skin and cater to your skin's needs. 

Some of my skin care products

I have combination skin, my skin is slightly oily in my t-zone area especially my nose and dry/normal in the rest of my face, because of this I need a face wash that will cleanse my face but not strip the natural oils away. For this reason I use Simple's moisturising facial wash, for me its an amazing product and really leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Its active ingredients are pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E. What I find great about this product is that it is 100% soap free. Soap really dries out my skin and irritates it making my nose feel tight and my cheeks very dry. I have also started using Natural black peat soap (TŐZEG SZAPPAN) It's also 100% soap free and is completely natural, I got it when I went to Heviz. 

My next step is to tone my face, I have two toners: 1 is Dr Murad's Essential C Toner that I purchased after receiving a facial and seeing the results were so good. It smells so nice, the scent of oranges is really refreshing, it is said to bind water to the skin to keep it moisturised, I have found it does great for my skin it really clears it up. I'm not used to spray on toners so I use a second one sometimes too. My second toner is one that came when I purchased some Lancome products, I haven't used it long enough to tell if its good but I do think Lancome products are very good quality. 

I have 3 regular moisturisers. 2 of them are for day and 1 for night. The day ones are the Hydra Zen Neurocalm by Lancome with spf and Simple's Kind to Skin hydrating light moisturiser. I find both hydrate to the same quality but the fact that the Lancome has spf 15 makes it better for me... not that England is very sunny but spf does more than protect from the sun it protects from the environment too.  When the Hydrazen finishes I won't restock it, not because it's not good... it is... but the price is not something I would like to pay knowing that I can find a moisturiser just as good and for less money. I'm looking at getting Bare Minerals SPF 20 moisturiser for combination skin

I would however buy the Hydrazen night cream again just because it makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft. I use it in conjunction with Lancomes Genefique which is a serum that you're meant to use before your normal routine. You're meant to use it twice in a day but thinking about it I don't really need to... I'm 21 I'm far from wrinkles and this is meant to promote youthful looking skin, something I already have but I'm not surprised I bought it... when I used the sample I was given after purchasing other products I found that it did actually give my skin a glow. Serums is also meant to lock in all the goodness you've put into your skin, this is not an essential so I wouldn't repurchase but it is a very good product, perhaps when I get older. 

Also I'm going to say the most cliche thing but I drink lots of water, in fact I don't drink anything except water I rarely drink fizzy drinks, I've been that way since childhood but it's never too late to start. Also if you have really bad skin problems you should book in to see a dermatologist instead of trailing through product after product you may need something stronger or less harsh possibly you may even be lacking some nutrients which could be affecting your skin. Smoking and a bad diet can also affect how your skin looks over time too so a couple lifestyle changes may be in order. 

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  1. “Instead of buying the latest fad product you need to find out what works for your skin and cater to your skin's needs.” – I totally agree with this, Coco! You’re right. It’s not about how popular the product is, it’s about how effective the product is on your skin. If you think the product you’re using right now is not doing any good for your skin, then don’t hesitate to replace it with better one. Try and try until you find the one that can give you good results. -Terry Bayer