Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another La Femme haul

I made another purchase recently from camera ready cosmetics after my first one with them and it came even more quickly than the last order. Definitely worth making an order with them, they are very reliable and provide a good service.

My La Femme blush collection
The two palletes I got have magnetic closures for the blush pans and also the lid is magnetic so when you close the lid it stays shut thus protecting the blushes. I stuck white labels on the other side and labelled all the blushes with little swatches as its hard to remove the blush pan without damaging the blush itself.

My other blush palette isn't yet full but I feel like I should tone down on the blush obsession now. Blushes have a life of 2 years and I have a feeling I won't get through them all.

Here are the swatches of my new blushes. I will link my old post for the other swatches.

From L-R: Dusty Rose, Peach Sparkle, Brick red, Frambosia, Red, Purple Passion, Rose Chiffon, Indian Rose, Redwood
I love NARS blushes but haven't yet found two blushes which are similar to each other from either range. 

Taj Mahal next to Orange and Russet (two centre on left)

Exhibit A on the left, top right Brick Red underneath Red both La Femme


  1. I really like the post I was also wondering how much was the camera ready cosmetics products

    1. Thankyou I'm glad you like the post. The individual blushes came up to £1.88 each in dollars its $2.99. The palettes were £10.07 in dollars thats $15.99. Shipping was £4.85 and I picked the cheapest shipping option but it came really quickly... about 5 days later I received them and I live in England. Heres a link to the site

  2. Did you pay any custom charges in addition.? I live in India and if I order from dem, do I need to pay customs?

    1. Hey sorry for the late reply, if you order a lot it's likely there will be customs charges, I didn't have any due to what I bought wasn't a lot but you have to check the rules for your country, it differs each time but as long as it's not a truck load of things you should be fine