Saturday, 24 November 2012

Aphrodite Hair Steamer review

I bought a steamer today but as my hair is currently in a weave and not due to be washed or conditioned yet I decided to use my mother as a Guinea pig.

Setting up the steamer was easy. I did expect it to be sterdier but seeing as it is a standalone steamer a lot of sturdiness isn't to be expected. There is a one year warranty for this product. Instructions were easy and very basic there were about 4 pieces to put together and they assembled easily.

The steamer fully assembled, extra piece is the facial steamer that you replace with the bonnet head. 
Steaming opens up the hair cuticles and allows your deep conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft completely locking in and retaining more moisture than normal deep conditioning. When you have completed your steam treatment it is best to rinse with cold water which will seal the cuticle and thus lock in the moisture. The benefit of this is healthier more moisturised hair which will be easy to comb through and detangle (this saves you from losing more hair than necessary) and retaining hair length (the ends of your hair will be more moisturised thus not break off.)

To read more about hair steaming click read more below

A lot of natural haired sisters steam their hair and this is due to the nature of natural hair which tends to be drier. Steaming is a way to lock in moisture and keep hair from frizzing in humid climates and stay moisturised in dry climates. It definitely enhances curls too. People with chemically treated hair can also look to steaming to help maintain healthy hair and treat damaged hair by using hair repair masks with a steamer to enhance the treatment. I would recommend steaming hair once a week or once every two weeks to see and maintain results.

My mother
To test the Aphrodite steamer I used it on my mum who has been natural for about 15 months. She has different hair textures around her hair ranging from fine to curly to coarse.
Below I made a mixture to apply on her hair. here are the tools I used.

Application brush and mixing pot
Coconut oil

Vitale hair mayonnaise

Jojoba oil

The finished mix
I used 10 drops of coconut oil and 10 drops of jojoba oil. These are moisturising oils and enhance the moisturisation. The hair mayonnaise is a protein thus this is a protein treatment, these tend to be drying however help restore lost keratin in the hair and aid in shine and reconstruction of the hair shaft. I also added in a couple drops of rosemary oil to boost circulation on the scalp.

I applied the mixture from ends to root. I also recommend using a mixture of aloe vera gel with a couple of drops of rosemary or peppermint oil directly onto the scalp for its own mini treatment.

Mixture was applied to freshly washed damp hair (towel dried slightly)
Under the steamer with the mixture applied.
In the water filter I added two drops of tea tree oil and two drops of rosemary oil to enhance the steam treatment even more. I let the hair be steamed for about 30-40 minutes. The beeper on the steamer went off after 20 minutes and I had to refill. Problems I found with the steamer were that it didn't reach the very back of the hair, for the steam to reach the back you have to lean forward which is a bit hazardous as it is a standalone steamer and can tip over if you lean forward too much.

Hair after steam treatment before rinse

Hair after rinse with cold water. 
Immediately after rinsing what was most noticeable was how easy it was to comb through the hair. There were no tangles what so ever and hardly any hair loss. When combing barely any hair came out, maybe one or two strands from her whole head. The hair also seemed to have swollen in diameter, it felt a lot thicker and looked visibly shinier, when running my fingers through the hair it still felt like it had conditioner in it.... not a residual feeling of conditioner but the feeling of softness.

Hair when dry
I think the picture above speaks for itself, the hair is very shiny and tangle free. Definitely a great benefit of steaming. I can't wait myself to steam my hair. I am going to make it a weekly habit.

The Aphrodite steamer was £110 from Paks cosmetics, worth the money as going to a salon for a steam treatment will set you back around £25 each time. As I stated before it comes with a one year guarantee. There is a facial attachment which you can use with the O-Zone treatment turned on which emits O3 gas which according to the description is "a powerful bactericide used in aesthetics to remove all impurities found in the dermis, eliminating damaged cells, accelerating the healing of skin, purifying oxygenation of the same."

I will update with more posts about mixtures you can use to steam your hair with.


  1. Wow it's amazing! Your hair really turned out pretty! I haven't steamed my hair for a while but just seeing your post made me decide to go for a hair steam. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I just received my steamer. Unfortunately, it's not working at all. It won't even turn on. I've tried three different hard surfaces and still nothing. I live in Texas, so the converter the company sent me may be defective. Any ideas?


  4. Thank you for sharing your experience about the aphrodite steamers. It's helped me to decide on purchasing one too.