Friday, 23 November 2012

Lancôme Teint Idole vs Teint Miracle

Quite simply I think this is the best brand foundation I've ever come across. Both foundations have something different to offer and both definitely deliver. I personally prefer matte foundation and the Teint Idole Ultra 24h offers a velvet matte finish, the Teint Miracle offers a slightly dewy finish. Both are oil free. In each bottle is the standard foundation amount of 30ml. 

Teint Idole Ultra 24H and Teint Miracle
The Teint Idole is said to be medium to full buildable coverage whereas the Teint Miracle is described as light to medium coverage and considerably more "liquid" then the Teint Idole. I believe that both have medium buildable coverage.

Excuse the state of the bottle I've used this one for a while now
Both are slightly fragranced but this disappears as you blend it into your skin, you really only smell it when you first apply it. If you have sensitive skin this may be something to watch out for. Once it has been blended in there is barely any transfer and its very lightweight, I feel like I have nothing on my face.

The Teint Idole I have is the Ultra 24 Hour formulation, I haven't worn it for 24 hours straight but I have worn it for a considerable amount of time and I found that when i touched my nose after some hours there was some oil residue but not much, when I feel that I just use either my MAC blotting powder or the Mac Mineralise Skin finish in Dark to get rid of the oil residue. The Teint Idole is recommended for those with oily and combination skin.

Teint Miracle
Teint Miracle also is very lightweight, I personally believe it is more lightweight than the Teint Idole due to the formula. Even though it is said to give dewy skin my face never becomes oily when using this. Lancôme states that it gives you a lit from within look and although I wouldn't go as far to say i look lit from within when wearing it it definitely looks as if my skin is glowing.

I love the bottle for both of them. Pump bottles are really the best and most hygienic.

With flash (Teint Idole on top Teint Miracle below)
Without flash
In application I use either one of 3 brushes depending on my mood, either a flat top kabuki brush by Sigma, a general foundation brush or MACs stippling brush.

Both swatches slightly blended out
The Teint Miracle is slightly lighter than the Idole when initially put on but it warms up after a while. I tend to reach for the Teint Miracle first because it has a better colour match. I use both in shade 10. They both have warm undertones which are more brown golden than yellow.


  1. Great review Coco, I feel i definitely need to give the Tient Miracle a try, i will head down to Lancome.


    1. thank you!! Teint Miracle is definitely my favourite of the two they have a good colour range for women of colour. Also check out the La Base pro primer it works really well with it. They're also doing special deals at the counter free gift when you purchase two items.

  2. Great review! Thanks!

  3. I have oily skin and the Teint Idole is by far much better for my skin...and lasts much longer!

  4. Great review! I wear teinte Miracle but the salesperson replaced my old bottle with teinte Idole. I didn’t notice until I got home and tried it. After comparing the bottles I noticed the difference (therefore seeking this review).
    I will return Idole for Miracle which is lightweight and more suited to my foundation preference.